Fine art print studio in the heart of Port Moody
Fine art print studio in the heart of Port Moody
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Tiny Pinhole Camera
Pinhole Camera
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Pinhole Camera Design
Creating the Pinhole
Instant Pinhole Photo - Inlet & Tree
Instant Pinhole Photo - Parkside Brewery
Instant Pinhole Photo - Fire Hydrant
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Photography: Build & Operate Your Own Instant Camera

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Construct your own pinhole camera and explore photography using instant film!

Category: Kids 10+

Format: four classes, 2 hours/class (8 instructional hours in total)

All materials included + use of studio tools.

Young artists get an inspiring hands-on learning experience in small classes (max 4 students per class!)

Classes are held once a week. Once you book your class with us, you will be contacted to set up your start date. 


In this course, students will construct a simple camera with a pinhole 'lens'.

We will test it using instant film to determine its unique exposure times and explore photography in and around picturesque Rock Point Park in Port Moody.

We will discuss camera modifications and exposure techniques to creatively manipulate the images in the analog world and explore digital enhancements to bring out their best qualities.

Pairing these easy-to-construct cameras with instant film means students can explore the simple beauty of pinhole photography without the need for a traditional darkroom, chemicals, or expensive equipment.

When the class is complete, students can continue exploring using only a minimal home-based setup.